Bulk Jelly Belly Bean Juicy Pear

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Indulge in the sublime sweetness of orchard-fresh pears with our Bulk Jelly Belly Bean Juicy Pear, available only at SooSweetShop.ca. Each bean harnesses the succulent flavor of ripe, juicy pear, elegantly presented in a form that delights the senses. With a vivid green hue mirroring the fruit's inviting skin, here lies an idyllic way to savor a distinctive fruit flavor in a novel, mouthwatering confection.
Unlock a burst of freshness as you bite into a Jelly Belly Bean Juicy Pear. Amaze your palate with the robust flavor so identical to biting into a ripe, juicy pear. These beans balance the tart subtleties of the pear with an added swirl of sweetness, finished with a shiny sugar shell that gives an irresistible crunch before revealing the smooth center.
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