Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum, Sour Chews

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Unleash the power of sour and sweet with our Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum found exclusively at Bursting with piquant flavors coupled with a refreshingly sweet aftertaste, these bubble gums are set to invigorate your taste buds, bringing about an intriguing blend of sour punch and sweet relief. Step into an effervescent world of rainbow colors with each juicy piece, a treat that's as exciting to look at as it is to taste!
The magic of our Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum is in its multi-layered experience. Each piece begins with a sour explosion that is sure to wake up your palate. But don't be fooled by the initial tanginess! As you continue chewing, the bubble gum reveals its sweet core, mellowing the sourness into an enchanting sweetness that will have you reaching for the next piece. Varieties span from puckering lemon to tantalizing raspberry, offering a different flavor exploration with each gum.
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