Bulk Jelly Belly Bean Tutti Fruitti

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Bursting with flavors as vibrant as its rainbow-inspired colors, our Bulk Jelly Belly Bean Tutti Fruitti, available exclusively at SooSweetShop.ca, is a joy for the senses. Brightly hued and delightfully fruity, these iconic jelly beans boast a medley of your favorite fruit flavors all packed into a delicious, bite-sized treat.
Taste the thrill of indulgent sweetness coupled with a tangy zest as you pop a Jelly Belly Bean Tutti Fruitti into your mouth. Each bean is a rollercoaster of flavors - a breathtaking swirl of cherries, oranges, lemons, and more. Encased in a polished sugar shell, these jelly beans offer a marvelous chewy center that bursts with an unforgettable fruity punch as you bite into them.
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