Cable/Belt Candy, Canada Wide FAST Shipping

Welcome to, the ultimate online destination for candy lovers who crave the nostalgia and fun of Cable and Belt Candies. With over 20 different varieties to choose from and offering free expedited shipping across Canada on orders over $85, we make sweet indulgences easily accessible.
Imagine stepping into a vibrant, tangy, and delightful world, where rainbow hues of cables and belts promise a different flavor with each color. Once you enter the realm of, the colorful array of Cable and Belt Candies is just a few clicks away from being delivered right to your doorstep.
We specialize in a unique variety of candies like TOSUTA cables, air heads rainbow belts, Dorval Sour Straws, and Dorval Sour belts, that will evoke a delicious memory from yesterday or introduce a new favorite for tomorrow. No matter your preference, we have a candy belt or cable that will satisfy your sweet or sour cravings.
Venture into the world of TOSUTA cables, where the balanced taste of chewy candy meets the sweetness of various flavors. Experience the burst of vibrant energy and irresistible flavor in every bite of air heads rainbow belts. Embrace the tangy sensation offered by Dorval Sour Straws, or enjoy the delightful blend of sweet and sour from Dorval Sour belts. Our range of Cable and Belt Candies is about experiencing and reliving the pure joy of indulging in candy - colorful, fun, and delicious!
Every candy from our store pledges a dependable quality that only uses the finest ingredients for the best taste. From the moment you pop a candy in your mouth to when its flavor slowly fades away, we promise a fulfilling and memorable experience. is more than just an online store. It represents a candy wonderland showcasing the delightful world of cables and belts, curated with love and a deep understanding of candy connoisseurs' varied likings. Our goal is not just to sell candies but to bring a smile to your face with every bite you take.
So whether you are on a hunt for that childhood favorite or craving an adventurous new flavor, join us at, where every candy tells a story, and every bite is an exploration to savor!

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