Bulk Juicy Blues


It's okay to have a blue tongue – no big deal! Go crazy with this huge bulk candy bag of Koala Juicy Blues Gummy Candy. Blueberry-lovers, look no further. You're in for mouth-watering indulgence.
It's okay to keep this bag of scrumptious gummy blueberries to yourself. If you're feeling generous, bag them up for Halloween Candy treats or just-because treats for family and friends.
"The Blues" takes on a whole new, cheerful meaning with this bounty of Juicy Blues gummy candy. Koala is a brand you probably know, and for good reason. It's still famous in Europe for its fun-loving and delicious confections. So order now and get ready for something special.
Sugars (wheat and/or corn glucose syrup, sugar), Gelatin, Water, Citric acid, Artificial flavour, Raspberry juice, Vegetable oils (coconut, palm), Brilliant blue FCF (colour), Bees wax.

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