Vidal Pizza Slices

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Experience the candy marvel in the form of our eclectic Vidal Gummy Pizza Slices, exclusively on Ditch your usual savoury pizza and welcome the excitement of these uniquely shaped gummies that look just like mini pizza slices! Decorated with an array of colourful toppings that mimic tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms, these gummies are set to excite your taste buds with their unexpectedly fruity blast.
Each Vidal Gummy Pizza Slice is a delectable sight to behold. This whimsical candy delight, fashioned as triangular slices of pizza, is full of flavor and merriment. The vibrant, fun toppings add to the fun, but it's the heart of these gummies that will have you coming back for more. The soft, chewy texture merging with a burst of fruity essence forms a perfect symphony of taste, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.
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