Fry Eggs Candy


There's no better choice if you're looking for something different. Koala Fried Egg Candy may look like the fried eggs you eat at breakfast, but there's lots of sweetness and sugariness in store.
Such a creative and delightful treat for the senses, Koala Fried Egg Gummy Candy will get you in gear for the day. Have them as a snack for a sweet pick-me-up or give them to the kids for a treat they've never seen before but are sure to adore. Imagine when they show their friends! Such fun and memories to be made.
Sugars (corn glucose syrup, sugar), Gelatin, Citric acid, Vegetable oil (palm and/or coconut), Carnauba wax, Artificial flavours, Turmeric, Carmine/Cochineal, Titanium dioxide, Sodium citrate.

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