Candy Cone Gift Birthday Favors Goodie Bags Kid Party Favors 270g

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Unwrap joy and watch the smiles spread with our unique Candy Cone Gift Birthday Favors Goodie Bags, curated specially at These handcrafted treasures are vibrant parcels of joy, brimming with a delightful mix of sour gummy candies and charming pressed treats that are bound to captivate hearts and palettes.
Riding the rainbow of flavors, our Candy Cones are an assortment of tangy treats. Sour rainbow belts offer fun in every stripe, while succulent watermelon slices bring a zesty twist. Experience the playful wriggle of Sour Gummy Worms, the tang of Mini Peach and Blue Raspberry, and the nostalgic fizzy thrill of Sour Cola Bottles. Dive into the juicy burst of sour peach slices and enjoy the bubble of excitement with each chew of sour bubble gum. With an option to match your chosen color scheme, each Candy Cone isn't just a flavor bonanza but also a visual delight.
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