Venco Black Licorice School Chalk

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Dive into the unique, eclectic flavor profile of our Venco Black Licorice School Chalk, exclusively sold on Presented in a fun and aptly-named school-chalk-shaped design, these candies delight your palate with a marvelous fusion of a soft and sweet licorice center coated with a layer of crisp mint. They are a quirky, design-forward way of enjoying the traditional taste of black licorice.
Biting into our Licorice School Chalk releases an initial rush of refreshing mint, immediately followed by the complex, sweet and slightly bitter notes of black licorice. Its creaminess effortlessly melts into a profound and multi-layered flavor experience, offering a unique twist to the familiar licorice taste. Prepared with a perfect balance of flavors, it's a signature candy that stands out from the crowd.
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