Bulk The Original Sour Sucker Sour Key

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Unlock a treasure trove of flavors with our Bulk The Original Sour Sucker Sour Key available at SooSweetShop.ca. Designed as classic key-shaped candies with a quirky twist of tingling sourness and soothing sweetness, these candies promise a multi-sensory delight. Perfect for fans of classic candies with a modern edge, our Sour Key will leave you yearning for more!
Our Sour Sucker Sour Key starts with a vivid sour zing that's sure to make your taste buds dance. As you continue your flavor exploration, the sourness softens, revealing a deliciously sweet undertone. With a delightfully chewy mouthfeel, these candies take you on a nostalgic trip back to the good old candy shops. A true fusion of the classic and the contemporary.
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Sugars (sugar, wheat glucose syrup, blackcurrant concentrate), Modified corn and potato starch, Gelatin, Lactic acid, Malic acid, Sodium malates, Artificial flavours, Black carrot concentrate, Safflower concentrate, Spirulina concentrate, Carrot concentrate, Paprika extract, Turmeric.
Contains: Wheat. May contain: Peanuts, Tree nuts, Soy, Gluten (barley), Milk.