Runts Loose Bulk Candy

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Runts candy made its first appearance in the 1980s. While its fruity lineup has changed since then, its popularity has not. Every kid can recognize the fun shapes and bright colors that make Runts so unique. Our extensive collection of bulk candy includes this childhood favorite so you can get your fill of sweet fruity goodness anytime you want! Serve at kid's parties, take as a non-perishable snack on camping trips or set some aside to hide away at home for moments when you need a sweet fix!
Our Runts candy package include all the current flavors and shapes. You'll love biting down on a yellow banana or savoring a tart cherry piece. Each order also includes blue raspberry, watermelon and lime. Try the smooth, sweet taste of your favorite fruits followed by the tantalizing tanginess that makes Runts candies so delectable. You don't have to go to a vending machine to find your favorite treat because we have Runts in bulk and ready to ship right to you!