Dare Banana Marshmallow

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Welcome to the delightful world of SooSweetShop.ca, your ultimate destination for an unparalleled candy experience. Among our assortment of whimsical treats, the Dare Banana Marshmallows have carved a special niche with their brilliantly exclusive offering.
Our Dare Banana Marshmallows are all about the enchanting play between taste and texture. As you bite into one of these soft, spongy goodies, you're greeted with the distinct, delightful flavor of ripe bananas, promising a taste akin to a tropical paradise. The sweet banana essence, mingled with the familiar sugary richness of marshmallow, creates a unique flavor profile that is both charmingly bold and soothingly satisfying.
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Sugars,(sugar, glucose, icing sugar), water, glycerin, gelatin, natural and artificial flavour, colours (sunset yellow, tartrazine).  MAY CONTAIN: PEANUTS,TREE NUTS,SOY,SESAME,MILK,WHEAT,MUSTARD,SULPHITE,EGGS,FISH,SHELLFISH